Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victorian Ladies

Don't you think Victorian pictures really celebrate womanhood?  I have tricked my mind into thinking that my world really looks like this.  Look at that lovely gate!  I want to put one of those in my garden some year or other.  Then my yard will look like this.

Me at my blogging efforts.  Serene as always (cough, sniff, sigh).

Me on Sundays.

And of course my three angelic babies, who smile like this all day long...
                                               Scott's hair isn't really that long, though.

Then there is what I look like in the late afternoons after a vigorous round of weeding my lovely garden. 

All my efforts haven't been in vain.  My house is now fit for Queen Victoria herself.

****Editor's Note:  This was a minorly sarcastic post.  I may save the real pictures of me doing these activities for posting around Halloween, so brace yourself.


  1. I love Victorian pictures, but you're right. They are not reality. Can you imagine what it was really like to live back then? The dirt from the new machines filling the air with grime and grit (no EPA back then). That halo they depict was really grime from the lack of indoor plumbing (ewwwww). The 12 to 18 hour work days (no labor rights) for those who worked in factories, and the never ending work for those who lived the rural life. It sure was different from our romantic imainatiions. Sorry, too many Victorian Lit classes in college!

  2. EEK! You're spoiling my fantasy time, Christine!

  3. Sorry, you can delete my very unkind comments. I'll pretend that it's reality and that we could possible look like that (because you know that I look like that EVERY DAY!)