Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Real Life Love Story

Can I tell you something?  I'm the heroine in a real life love story.  Today marks eight years living with the man of my dreams.    We've been traveling life, mile by mile, through thick and thin (that was a subtle nod toward pregnancy pounds!), through ease and hardship, always with joy and togetherness.

I used to think true love was like parallel lines.  You were always together, side by side, never wavering, never veering away from each other.  The longer I'm married, though, I realize that true love is always changing.  We aren't parallel, we're two different lines, with our own angles that are nearing closer and closer together, until one day, I think we will touch.  You never think you can love each other as much as the day you get married, but the truth is, a good marriage teaches you to love and appreciate each other even more every year.

My Andy means everything to me.  His love has not only charmed my emotions, it has made me a more complete person.  He has given me three beautiful children and has sacrificed so I could stay home with them.  He's made my most secret dreams come true.  Being married to me can be backbreaking work sometimes.  No, I'm serious actually...we're waiting for a neurosurgeon to call as I write this! 

Love changes us.  It grows us in so many ways, and yet the essence of who we are remains the same.  My true love accepts me, quirks and all, through the days of unknown ahead.  My real love story is for the long haul, but makes the haul seem too short. 

I love you, Andy, my husband, my friend, my hero!  Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. Beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring and oh, so romantic. Happy Anniversary! You are a lovely wife. Enjoy the special day and we'll continue praying for the back situation.

  2. Happy anniversary! I didn't know you guys were married on my birthday! And flag day to boot. Awesome sauce. = )

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, and a "get well soon" to Andy!