Wednesday, October 8, 2014


for the truly lovely auditioners Miranda, Clare, Chloe, and Cara

Chlaranda C., oh she wanted to be
the very best girl in the very best play.
She sang and she danced, she smiled and pranced
to prepare to audition today.

The day now was here, and twas perfectly clear
how delightful she'd be when she sang for the crowd.
They'd clap and shout out, beaming smiles about
proclaiming her talent out loud.

When she walked in the door, she began to feel poor
as she saw girls of all shapes and sizes.
The tall and the cute will be given the boot
when her singing the judge hypnotizes.

She laughed and she smiled, and thought to herself,
"Chlaranda, my girl, I know you will be
the very best girl in the very best play!
The judge over there will love none but me!".

Her moment, it came, but not as she thought.
Her hands were all shaky, her belly all quaky.
The judge, like a hawk, noticed each wretched squawk.
They all thought their eardrums would breaky.

The poor silly girl, with a smile and twirl
kept dreaming what part she would be.
Her hopes crashed down, right down to the ground,
when she was given the part of--the tree.

Chlaranda C., she's going to be
the very best tree in the very best play.
No singing, no talking, not even walking
Just rooted, over there--out of the way.