Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Arbitrary Sports Fan

I'm an arbitrary sort of sports enthusiast.  I choose my favorite NASCAR drivers based solely on the type of chocolate he supports.  My favorite baseball player is the one whose Mother's Day interview had the most grateful, tear-jerking, over the top sentimentality.  (You're a good boy, Brandon Phillips, we love you, too!).  I've chosen favorite teams based solely on color combinations many a time, and secretly, I'm proud of my hubby for choosing a favorite college football team with such a nice color palate.  Coordination of limb may be his criteria, but coordination of colors speaks more often to me!  It's impossible for me to be a true enthusiast, but the little things are truly fascinating to me.  Hockey is all about the names and spotting missing teeth, of course.  Golf is interesting for the ridiculous tear-jerker sob stories they always have, complete with orchestrations.  Is golf for the emotional guys to watch?  Maybe.  I have to say, it would be more intriguing if they had a big Reese's cup plastered on their polos.   Oh yes, it's also very fun to listen to baseball or basketball just to make fun of the very unimaginative commenting of its commentators.  Do they really pay these guys to make these observations?  Knowing as little as I do about sports, I could come up with comments such as, "He just needs to carry the ball" or "what they need to do is concentrate on defense" when a team is being soundly thrashed.  It's the little things that bring joy...

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  1. My greatest joy when watching sports is making fun of the commentators. I get the biggest kick out of their lingo and do not stop teasing my huband about their comments and sometimes (to me) ridiculous phrases. Is it good or pure or even lovely of me to get such enjoyement out of trash talking the commentator? I have to say, no. But a girls got to get her own "kicks" when the boys are getting theirs!