Friday, August 24, 2012

Agatha Christie's View on Raising Children...

Yes, I'm still working my way through Agatha Christie's autobiography.  The slowness of my reading has nothing to do with the book and everything to do with my energy level right now.  It is still incredibly interesting.  Here's a snippet I ran across today; Agatha Christie's favorite part of motherhood is the sense of discovery.

"There is nothing more thrilling in this world, I think, than having a child that is yours, and yet is mysteriously a stranger.  You are the gate through which it came into the world, and you will be allowed to have charge of it for a period; after that it will leave you and blossom out into its own free life--and there it is, for you to watch, living its life in freedom.  It is like a strange plant which you have brought home, planted, and can hardly wait to see how it will turn out."

I sometimes feel this way.  Although there is much that a parent does to shape the character and direction of a child, the essential being is God-given.  It seems like every year is a new discovery about what each of your blessings will eventually become.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Trip to Nana's...

Scott will be leaving tomorrow on his vacation to Nana's house.  He's been packed for hours.  The packing list includes 147 cars (yes, he counted them all twice to be sure), 10 army men, then after I suggested he pack some clothes he added  three pairs of underwear.  What else could a young man need for five days?  So different from the girls!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From the Mom of Girls

You know, I never thought of myself as someone who would have a whole flock of girl babies running around.  I grew up with three brothers in a not-so prissy farm-type atmosphere, so imagine my surprise when I found out that we would have another girl in September!  I've decided to embrace the giggly, hairstyling, chocolate-loving, nail painting aspect of my mothering with gusto.  In fact, Cara recently had her first sleepover, complete with giggling, beading, dressing up, and Barbie movies.  (Minus the presence of the manly contingent of our family.)

All this rambling is completely beside the point, actually.  On to today's review...

I'm sure you recognize this ultra famous, many times over printed Renoir.  It's called "Two Young Girls At The Piano".  I have to say, I've always liked this painting...its color and innocence.  It has taken on a new meaning to me recently, though, when I think about what my household will be like in a few short years.  Soon I'll have a whole troop of sweet girlies playing piano and singing together, and what a joy that will be!  I hope the girls continue to have a sweet, sisterly affection for each other through the teen and adult years.

Friday, August 3, 2012

No Mom, It's Really Not That Complicated

Well now, I had a humorous/humbling moment with the little old man last night.  Scott spent a large part of the afternoon unsmiling, squinty-eyed and almost growling at the girls and me.  This is completely abnormal for him.  In fact, it is a rare thing for him to not be smiling and mellow.  I immediately perked up and took notice.

The symptoms seemed to escalate after a minor punishment for arguing with his sister.  Being of the character-building sort, I followed the little old man to his room for a heart to heart.  What a great opportunity to teach and discuss the vices of anger and holding a grudge!  I chatted.  I talked about what makes me feel that way.  I asked him questions.  I saw no change.  Hmmm...

He was perfectly polite, but unchanged.  Still unsmiling, squinty-eyed and almost growling.  Since there was no overtly rude or wrong behavior, I decided in my motherly wisdom to let him stay in his room and think about our in-depth conversation.

Not long thereafter, I saw an amazing transformation.  He was smiling, giggling and making super funny jokes.  Had my heart to heart changed his demeanor?  Did our loving prayer time make the difference?

No.  Actually what did the trick was the three bowls of heaping taco salad that he manfully snarfed down.  Once the calories hit his bloodstream, he perked up in no time and was completely back to normal...running and playing cars with furious energy.

I had forgotten a fundamental consideration of raising a boy.

Sometimes there are no emotions attached to his behavior...he's probably just hungry again.  Most problems with him are just that simple...feed the kid, put the kid to bed, see the kid get happy again.  Poor little guy.  Maybe the character lecture will prevent problems some other time when it actually applies!