Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Word of the Week

Here's a word I picked up in college.  Truth be told, I have a love-hate relationship with gobbledegook, for I enjoy using big words.  Apparently that's frowned on in official writings...kind of like overusing and misusing...elipses...so anyway...  Here at Crazy Creative, however, feel free to use as much as you can handle...it's good for our vocabularies to have to look up words.  I personally believe this word would have been right at home in "Jabberwocky."  Come on, Lewis Carroll, use your imagination!  Try to teach this one to your kids.  It's sounds even more fun in a toddler vocabulary.

Gobbledegook:  [gob-uhl-dee-gook]
language characterized by circumlocution and jargon, usually hard to understand
Used in a sentence:
"Mommy, Scott was being mean and calling me all kinds of gobbledegook instead of going to sleep like you told him to and theng he he he..."  (sentence cut short for sake of space and sanity).
Being a wise new bride, I immersed myself in college football gobbledegook in order to communicate with my husband more effectively during the fall and winter.
****Editor's note: According to my dictionary, a fun and appropriate synonym of gobbledegook is mumbo jumbo.   Now that's a synonym with some real possibilities!


  1. I thought mumbo jumbo was that big shrimp that men like to eat! Thanks for helping me out with that word and other gobbledegook.

    P.S. I love to use, misuse and overuse elipses. . . I might do well to study them . . . but what fun is that?

  2. Mumbo Jumbo reminds me of MoJo and I have plenty of that!! HAAAAYYYY!!!!