Monday, May 30, 2011

A Memorial

My Grandpa Jack just passed away on Saturday night.  I'm really happy for him...he's in heaven, he went without pain...but I'm sad for myself.  I wish my children could have known him for a longer time.

He was the kindest and gentlest person I have ever known.  He never said much, but you always felt that he was interested in you as a person.  When I think of what it means to be Christ-like, I think of my Grandpa.  He was calm but sincere in his faith.  It was real to him, and that's how he shared it.  He prayed for me every day, and that's really saying something considering how many grandchildren he had.  He loved me.  He cared for me.  He wanted what was best for me.  He never had to preach or yell, but his message was clear.  God is love.  I could see it through him.

I'll always remember a lot of funny and cute things about him...his dislike of vegetables, his slicked-back hair, his navy blue suit, his fascination with diesel engines.  I'll always remember how he would sit with my daughter and read to her for so long and listen to the childish things she had to say; he would treat what she said like it was important. It didn't matter how silly it was, he loved her for who she was, just like Christ loves us.  When I think of him, I'll always think of these words--calmness, kindness, gentleness, love.  He was one of the heroes of my life.


  1. I'm glad you knew him. I'm glad he made an impression on you. Write about him a lot. Write the things he said and the way he looked and the blessings he brought to your life. Share them with your children if you want to, but most of all, read them for youself. They will continue to bless you and maybe even be more meaningful as time passes. You have my prayers.

  2. Praying for you and your whole family. Our heros help shape who we become. Love like that is a gift from God. May you each have peace and calm in the days ahead.