Friday, May 27, 2011


A modern abstract Mommy poem

by Hannah, Editor-in-chief

I need to make a to-do list right now
    or I'll never remember all of these things.

That bird is huge up there in the tree
    and it has red stripes on it's wings.

The baby needs to be fed some table food
    and I really hope she doesn't put her hands in her hair.

Why does chocolate make you fat?
    Really, it is seriously not fair.

It's not fair, it's not right,
    "You two, I better not hear you fight!".

Oh, good, pork loin is on sale again this week
     Why do some say "Crick" and others say "Creek"?

I'm tired and I'd like some coffee.
    I don't have time to do all this laundry.

Today is Monday, so we need all the dirty towels.
    I'm so glad that she finally learned those vowels.

"Reading is fun, isn't it, Dear?".
    I better remember to give the pork a good sear

Before I put it in the oven to roast.
    "Did you say that you want toast...

Or did you say you want a muffin?"
    I need to exercise more.  I'm really huffin'

And puffin' as I walk from child to child.
    Wasn't that story about the dogs completely wild?

It reminds me a little of a Jack London or something
    What was it that I was supposed to bring

To the meeting at her house tonight?
    Oh, these new LED lighbulbs aren't nearly as bright.

"You should ask her to stop, not hit her with your fist."
    Now, where was I?  Oh, yes...the to-do list.


  1. You wrote my life.
    I have to get to the dishes.

    I just noticed that you typed.
    Now, must feed the fishes.

    How could you know how my brain worked?
    Chocolate is one of my deepes wishes.

    This room is a little too hot.
    Oh, how my spelling misses.

    ~Your devoted and admiring follower

  2. I won't wax could get scary! When they get older the routine changes, but it is still easy to become distracted.

    I have a funny for you. You had left a comment on my blog about being drawn to the blogs of older Christian women. I didn't really think of myself as an older Christian woman until this week (before - in BBQ language - I was only medium well done!). I found out this week that I've been teaching a little girl in 2's and 3's at church who is the daughter of a woman that my husband and I taught when she was in 2nd grade. Pardon me, I need to go and take my Centrum Silver!!

    Happy Memorial Day.