Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Word of the Week, Man Phrase Edition

***Editor's Note:  Let's admit it, there are times when we need to define what men are saying, because we just don't get it.  Take special notice, brides-to-be.  Here's a helpful phrase that is used quite often around here.  Brush up on the meaning, and you can use it too! 

"He's a beast!": A phrase men use meaning, "That man is a very valuable athlete."  It can also be used to compliment each other, "You're a beast!" after accomplishing something notable.  This is only used from man to man, and is never appreciated among women.  A usage such as, "Her gown and veil are so beautiful.  She's a beast!" is generally not well received.

Use this phrase to impress the man in your life next time you see ESPN.  I guarantee it will get his attention.


  1. Hmmmm. . . I thought this phrase was best reserved for Nova documentaries or the Animal Planet Channel. We'll try this, baseball season is coming!

  2. Ha! Thanks for the laugh! And being a woman, I would never, ever apply that comment to a woman in bridal wear. But the men may find that instruction helpful!