Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Not Raining!

It's a bewitchingly lovely, sunny day.  The sun is making dew-sparkles glitter in the freshly clipped grass.  A cool breeze is whispering through my hair.  If I could, I'd lay on the grass and read the day away, getting a rosy, cheeky tan (or possibly burn).  It's too lovely to be cleaning.  It's an outside, enjoy- God's Earth-day for me and mine.


  1. Good to enjoy sunshine!

    I love your new background and header. Beautiful . . . so summer, so sunshine, so super cool!

  2. I have visited several of your pages--fun,fun,fun! I loved it all. I appreciate you reading mine, too. I have a website I love your graphics and whatever you call them--I am technologically challenged. Come by anytime.