Monday, May 16, 2011

All New...Health and Fitness Section

Every good magazine has a great health and fitness highlight, right?  Crazy Creative is no different! Well, let's face it, I guess it is different, but it can still include the usual topical lineups.  Now, where to start...

Health and fitness...

Health and fitness...

Feeling fit, feeling healthy...

Uh, yeah, drawing a blank here.  Let's go back to our writing roots.

 If I were a vegetable, what would I be? 

Hmmm...a cucumber--thick-skinned with little substance inside?  No, or at least hope not.  How about a tomato (I know it's not really a vegetable, but work with me here!)...plump and seedy.  Let's avoid anything plump.  Lettuce...frilly and a little dirty?  Yikes...the more I think about it, I'd like to be...

an onion.

Onions are a vegetable you can't do without.  It adds flavor to almost everything, and when you slice through the delicate externals, there are layers and layers of goodness.  And sometimes they make you cry...but in a good know all the wonderfulness in store for you.  I'm an onion.

Celebrate fitness and health by reflecting what veggie represents you and why...if you reply, I'll just die...of happiness.


  1. I'm a sweet potato - ordinary on the outside, colorful, wholesome and nutritious on the inside.
    Oh and sweet, I really am sweet!! lol

  2. I am a carrot. Long and deep. What you see is just the surface. You have to dig deep to really get to know me!