Friday, May 6, 2011

Tableau at Twilight

You never fully get this poem until you're a parent, I think.  It is all so strangely familiar.  Ogden, you speak to my heart!

Tableau at Twilight

I sit in the dusk.  I am all alone.
Enter a child and an ice-cream cone.

A parent is easily beguiled
By sight of this coniferous child.

The friendly embers warmer gleam,
The cone begins to drip ice cream.

Cones are composed of many a vitamin.
My lap is not the place to bitamin.

Although my raiment is not chinchilla,
I flinch to see it become vanilla.

Coniferous child, when vanilla melts
I'd rather see it somewhere else.

Exit child with remains of cone.
I sit in the dusk.  I am all alone.

Muttering spells like an angry Druid.
Alone, in the dusk, with the cleaning fluid.

***Coniferous child***, that just gets me!

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  1. I had to read this twice to really get this. How funny!