Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Vocabulary Day...

Here is our new vocabulary word for this week.  Do your best to casually insert it into your conversations this week.  Our feature word for the week is...

collywobbles: [kol-ee-wob-bulz] n. severe gastroenteritis characterized by vomiting and diarrhea.

So next time your home is struck with the flu, use this helpful word.

Use it in a sentence thus:

"I can't believe I had to pay $25 just for Dr. Martin to tell me it was collywobbles!"

  If collywobble-like symptoms persist, consult your physician immediately.

Good Luck!


  1. I think this word gives me the collywobbles. Are you sure you aren't making this up? = )

  2. No, it's real...look it up! I thought of using you in a sentence with it, but what you have isn't truly collywobbles. Maybe next time!