Friday, May 20, 2011

Fetch, Mommy, Fetch

by Hannah

My daughter has a game for me
It really fills her heart with glee.

My sweet little one is just beguiling
And I love to keep her fat cheeks smiling.

So I find a toy that she'll adore.
She promptly throws it on the floor.

Her face does smile, her hands do shake,
I'm sure that it was a big mistake.

I get the toy for the one I adore
Again she throws it on the floor.

I know really it cannot be
That this sweet one would torment me.

The fetching done, the toy retrieved
Her happy face has me deceived.

She wiggles and shakes, cute cheeks so red
As she throws the toy right past my head.

Bewitching child, now I know
How consistently you will throw.

Your smiley cheeks are just a lie
I stop retrieveing, and now you cry.

Sitting there just isn't the same
As this fun and fetching Mommy game.


  1. Hannah, you are so creative! This poem can speak to every mommy's heart. I love it.