Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Word of the Week, Toddler Terms

I'm afraid I'll forget these some day, as they are quickly disappearing from the vocabularies of my five- and four- year olds.  If you're ever around my kids for any length of time, you'll spot a few of these!

mowlawner: lawn mower

rockamole: guacamole

dit dew: Allie baby speak for "love you"

and theng, and theng...: and then (this one can go on forever...until she remembers the next part of the run-on sentence!)

busketti: spaghetti

dinner: Scott speak for every snack and meal

I wanember: I remember

wish-wee: Cara's word for lotion (don't ask why!)

wah-ner: to really imitate Scott, you have to speak kind of nasal, at the top of your lungs.  This means 'water' or any other drink.

Here's something sad already...they've already eliminated a lot of these from their speaking since I first wrote this post.  Sniff, sniff...I should have written more down at the time, but I was probably chasing a child.  Being a mom and blogger isn't for wimps.  In fact, at times it's an aerobic activity.

What are some of your favorite toddler terms?


  1. I'm looking forward to having our own collection of these one day, but so far my favorite is when our nephew Caleb would call my husband "Guncle Mamos." Also, my friend's little girl would ask for "apple spider" (cider) to drink. So cute!

  2. I love the small child speak. It's so adorable. I wish I would have written more down. I loved reading yours.

  3. RIght now Matthew is calling me Momby! I'll say Mommy? and he'll respond with Momby! I've also realized that we call big brother Martin, just brother! Poor Matthew doesn't remember his name:) Oh and we call it apple drink and milk juice!

  4. An added thought for you from Little Man's vocabulary . . .

    "Dattie" = Daddy
    "Dockie" = Cookie
    "Dat" = Cat
    "Douwdee" = dog
    "Douwdee" = deer
    "Douwdee" = cow
    "Douwdee" = oh, you get the point . . . it means anything with four legs and fur (other than a cat)

  5. My five-year old granddaughter came up with two wonderfully descriptive language innovations.
    An automatic door that folded instead of sliding was called a trimatical door.

    When I bought her a Barbie whose swimsuit was painted on, she assured me that she could cover up the painted on clothes. She had other dolls that had come-off-able clothes and the one with the un-come-off-able clothes would never be naked and embarrass her father.

  6. Those are funny! Natalie was always good for hilarious words & phrases. She had so many different words that Scott referred to her language as "Natonese"! A small sample...

    Cancake & seesup= pancake & syrup
    MEErote= remote
    HOTdice= outside
    Mickamo= Pinocchio
    GAHgoo= Grandma
    marshmahmoe= marshmallow

    Katherine called Polly Pockets "Polly Pockups", Jamie referred to Pizza Hut as "Pizza Vet", & Andrew recently has begun telling people or animals to "dough" when he wants them to move.

    I love "toddlerspeak"!