Monday, October 17, 2011

Hurricane Season is Here...

Yes, I know those of you on the coastlines are hunkering down to survive a few months of suddenly horrifying weather.  In our family, we have reached the season of hunkering down as well...but not because of Mother Nature.  Our baby is almost sixteen months old.  Those of you who have had children know what I mean when I call her Hurricane Allison.

The MoonPie girl can successfully whirl through any room in the house leaving it in shambles in a mere matter of minutes.  She loves to unwind toilet paper and splash in the toilet.  She unloads and tries to eat the trash.  She pulls dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and throws them on the floor.  She loves to eat crayons and color on furniture.  She basically leaves us in a perpetual state of terror from the moment we release her from her bed to the time she returns.

The thing about having a baby this age, though, is that she's so cute and cheerful about it all.  You can't really be angry...what a mystery it is!  She's exhausting, but when she toddles over with her fat cheeks smiling, holding out a dirty diaper she just fished out of the trash like it is some great treasure she found just for you, you can't be mad.  God really knew what He was doing making them cute.

This stage will pass.  In a few months, she'll remember all the no-nos.  I can't say I'll miss the messes...we have plenty as it is, but it's still a precious time.  Each child has their own special biggest mess they made during Hurricane's fun to think of when it's over!


  1. This is now officially the third time that I've replied to this, but I've messed up my comments twice by not putting in the verfication word. I do that ALL THE TIME. Then I have to come back and comment agian. Any chance I can convince you to take off the verification word???? Just for the sake of your goofy friend's lack of follow through?????

    Anyway, Loved how you made this phenomenon sound so sweet. My "little hurricane" was quite a storm today . . . I put him down for an extra nap!

  2. Aw fun times! The things I have to look forward to...again! :)