Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Do you want to see a lovely painting?  Sure you'll brighten your day.  Take your mind away from the laundry and dishes and small creatures yelling your name and look at this...

This painting is called "The End of Dinner" by Jules Alexandre Grun.  Isn't it lovely?  Perhaps some day after the kids are all married off and chasing my grandchildren, I'll throw elegant dinner parties like this one.  I LOVE the lighting of this!  Not to mention the lace and flowers and stylish updos.  <<Sigh>>

Actually, what charms me most is the tone of formal, yet comfortable conversation.  I can almost hear the men chuckling and the ladies chit-chatting and admiring the china.  Some of them probably do useful things like painting china in their spare time.  What a happy thought...if I lived in another time, I'd probably be able to  paint roses on china...or violets...I love delicate teacups.  They're not too well adapted for all the bulls who live in my china closet, though!

Here's a secret...I love thinking of china and flowers and elegant dresses, but when it really comes down to it, I'd rather be here in my pajamas with my ugly mugs watching the ones I love tearing around the house, playing and giggling...but don't tell anyone.

What do you think of  the lovely conversation piece?


  1. Will we be able to actually have a conversation someday? I feel lots of things are left unfinished with kids. The painting shows a time when maybe we'll be able to actually finish a conversation with our friends or family!

  2. Hi Hannah- I got interested in your blog while visiting with Amos and Sarah (I'm her Mom). Anyway, I love the painting too but what I like is that the men and women are conversing with each other instead of men with men and women with men so I don't think they are chatting about china. However, why is one lady in pink and all others in white? Maybe it's not as "pure" of a picture as suggested at the first glance. Could it be a brothel and it's main Madam? Hmmmm something to think about? What did the artist want us to see??? Any thoughts??

  3. Oh dearie, don't wait! Dress up and have an elegant dinner party today...or tomorrow. We might not dress up with fancy dresses and up dos but I love to throw special dinners for the family. I may just have to do a dress up dinner after this though! :)

  4. Surely not a brothel scene!!! How looks like they spent a while with the eating, and so many were in white...couldn't be that, surely. Perhaps the woman in pink was the painter's true love and he wanted her to stand out. Awww....

  5. Me too . . . I love to think about what it might be like to hold a lovely dinner party with lots of polite grown ups. In my reality though, dirty, happy, loud boys on pizza night make me more happy than any dinner party ever could.