Friday, October 14, 2011


Unsuspecting was I
and without a care,
When I was affronted
by my Tupperware.

Blithely smiling, cleaning
post-dinner rubble,
Collecting clean dishes,
Unaware of the trouble.

The trouble which lay
all hidden and stored
In that spacious and handy
corner cupboard.

I, with great care drying
my plasticware tall,
When opened, it gushed forth,
and upon me did fall.

The river of plastic pooled
up round my feet.
I shoved each back in...
till next time we meet!


  1. So, so funny. You have such a way with words. I love the way you phrase things - "post-dinner rubble". Again, so, so funny! Unfortunately, at my house, the is so, so true.

  2. My 'tupperware' cabinet used to be this way. My sister came to visit and organized it all (and has still not stopped making fun of me about it). Well, within a few weeks of her leaving, it was back the way it started. So Jason (yes, my husband invaded the kitchen storage area at my request) organized it for me, helping get rid of things I didn't need/use. Within a few weeks it was right back where it started. I was so tired of searching in a dark bottomless cabinet for that stupid lid, so I organized it my way. And I am so protective of that cabinet now. When the kids clean out the dishwasher, I inspect every lid and bowl to make sure it is in the right spot. So far, after about 3 months, things look pretty much like they did the day I organized! I am conquering my clutter one messy pile at a time. :)

  3. @ Cindy...You mean you didn't just shove it back in then write a poem about it?!?

    What's wrong with you? :)

  4. LOL ... searching for the tupperware lids that match the bottom - a never ending chore at this house! My hubby usually screams he is going to throw it all out (but he never does)!

  5. So funny! It's a constant struggle in my house to keep all the lids together, and to actually be able to match them with the proper bowl when the time comes.

  6. Very funny and so true! I have developed a hatred for all things plastic and donated all my Tupperware to Freecycle three years ago. It gave me so much room! And the weird thing is that I don't even miss it.