Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Word of the Week a la Linda

Here is a word suggestion from my bloggy friend Linda, at Encouragement From the Hill.

  kerfuffle: as a noun...commotion; disorder; agitation
                           as a verb...to put into disorder or disarray; ruffle or disarrange

For some reason, this word reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.  Does Rachel Lynde say this a lot?  Or am I just dreaming?  At any rate, this word should be easy enough for me to use in a sentence, since my life is quite often in a kerfuffle!  Here goes:

Despite their positive affirmations of cleanliness, when the children brought their beaming mother into their room, she was greeted with a large kerfuffle of toys, books, and (most shocking of all) soiled garments from wall to wall. (yes, I am writing from experience...quite consistent experience, actually).

The naughty boy could think of no better vengeance upon the prima donna than to sneak up behind her and kerfuffle her hair and garment immediately before she walked on stage for her solo.

Oooh...I think I like the verb usage best.  I'm going to try to kerfuffle your minds with more random posting tomorrow!


  1. The student kerfuffled his math when he did not work neatly!

  2. I like it and will definitely use it today! :)

  3. We just watched Anne of Green Gables! Sure enough, we picked up on "kerfuffle," but it was actually Marilla who used it when speaking with Rachel Lynde about the oops-we-sold-the-wrong-cow incident. Good call!