Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Word of the Week

Most people don't realize that when you become a parent, you also become a creator of words.  Nicknames are very common for parents, but occasionally they bridge the gap and adapt themselves for everyday use.  Here's one I made up...a combination of Pookie and Precious..

pookalicious: adj. squishy and cute, babyish, squeazeable.
                               n. baby Allison

Did you know that you can adapt almost any song to use the word/name pookalicious instead of lyrics?  We consider it a challenge here.  Anyway...here are a few sample sentences to try out.

Lucinda teared up as she looked in the mirror; her bulging gut was anything but pookalicious.

"Ah, my Pookalicious, I just have to squeeze you and smooch your fat cheeks all over...(commence smooching...)".

"Did you see baby Titus?  He was absolutely pookalicious!"


  1. Pookalicious, pookalicious, pookalicious, pookalicious, pookalicious, pookalicious, pookalicious . . . . now, that word just makes me happy. I think I'll use it today!!!!!

  2. Question for Christine....were you repeating the word "pookalicious" to the macarena?? I don't have babies anymore. So I rather think my Beloved is pookalicious :-) Thanks for the new word!

  3. Now you've gone and done it, Linda. I'm going to have that going through my head for a week! It'll be funny, though.