Monday, November 28, 2011

An Unforgettable Surprise

This Thanksgiving brought me something surprising to be thankful for.  My romantic and thoughtful hubby, in his wisdom, knew I could use a break from the household routine.  So...instead of spending Wednesday evening with my wonderful in-laws, I was whisked away for a local romantic getaway.  It was refreshing, fun, and relaxing--a lot of enjoyment to cram into almost 24 hours without the kids!

Knowing my affinity for experimenting with the local highlights, Andy got us a room at a bed and breakfast in the Cincinnati area called the Symphony Hotel.  (I'll post a review sometime or other for you locals, in case you're curious!)  It was an adventure--we checked in, walked a bit to explore the area, then got ready for a night out.  We drove downtown to the Chiquita building where we stowed the car before walking to the river.  It was our intention to cross on the Purple People bridge, but couldn't figure out how to get there.  There was a pedestrian lane on one of the other bridges, however, so we walked across the Ohio (despite my childhood suspicion of bridges).  We went to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant in Newport, Kentucky where I tried my first carbonara.  It was divine and inspiring--I've got to try making that at home soon!  We browsed around Newport by light of the Christmas decor, then took our moonlit walk back to the car.  Do you know how intensely romantic it is to snuggle by your hubby and cross the Ohio river by starlight...with no kids around?  It was lovely.

We made it back to our room where we could warm up, talk without interruption, eat cookies my Mom-in-law gave us, then watch TV until we fell asleep.

Do you know what was the awesomest kidless moment?  Waking up in the morning to quiet--and getting to lay in bed and read until I felt like getting up to a breakfast someone else made for us!  <<sigh>>

And guess what...all this loveliness happened without any chocolate consumption.  Yes--it was just that perfect!

Thank you, Andy, for loving me and spoiling me with such a fun and romantic getaway.  You are the absolute best of the best!


  1. That sounds heavenly! What a wonderful evening for you. We have to work at this marriage thing. Glad you enjoyed it.