Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When Being a Royal Doesn't Pay...

Have you ever heard how Edward II of England died?  I just did.  Apparently he was killed by having a red hot fire iron shoved up through what we'll call the back door.  This was done by his wife.  Just goes to show...if you're not a success at home, you're not a success anywhere.

By the way, right now my hubby and I are watching the BBC/History Channel multi-installment documentary called A History of Britian.  It's fantastic so far...really full of interesting tidbits, as you may have guessed.  They say truth is stranger than fiction...


  1. Huh . . . . I think that's where I'll store that little tidbit of info . . . in the "huh" category (Huh, with a grunt of "really, go figure" - not huh, with a question mark at the end.)

    You really hit the nail on the head with the truth of, "If you're not a success at home, you're not a success anywhere"!

  2. Oh my...Do we know what he did to warrant this treatment? I have seen this British series and it is great.

  3. Loved "History of Britain". Watched it with my hubby a few years ago. Learned a lot. Enjoy!