Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sense and Sensibility, as regards my children

It is an unusually warm and sunny November day today.  We decided to bask in the glory of the sun while we still could.  After school and lunch was done, we all went outside to enjoy the weather.  Allison busily began throwing leaves and trying to put dirt in her ear, I sat down in the sunshine and read four chapters of Anne of Avonlea, and Scott and Cara explored the deep recesses of our back yard.  Scott scrounged up some random leaves and sticks to "cook" with.  While his pie was baking, Cara found four small worms.  She cradled them in her hand, showed them to everyone, and decided to adopt.  They were well cared for...Scott came over to observe.  She petted them, told them she loved them, and tried to feed them.

This all went along for half an hour or so, when I decided it was time to come in for naptime.  Cara asked to bring her new friends inside, to which I said an absolute no.  She was distressed, saddened, disturbed.  She busily created an impromptu habitat for her beloved ones.  She stocked up a food supply, splashed water on them, and did everything she could think of to make them comfortable until the next time she can come out.  All the while, she talked soothingly to the worms, so they wouldn't be frightened.  Scott watched and listened silently.  About halfway through the emotional tumult of preparation, he put his ore in.

Hands on hips and no expression, he said to Cara, "You know what we should do with them Cara?  Mom won't let us take them inside anyway, so we should just kill them and put them in the garage by the fishing poles for next time."

Always thinking intensely practical.  Unfortunately for Mr. Sense, Miss Sensibility is as shocked by his suggestion as her six year old emotions will allow.  Good thing for her, Grandpa looks out for Miss Sensibility when she wants to go fishing...apparently Mr. Sense can look out for himself.  I sure hope he marries someone nurturing some day, or who know what will happen to his kids!


  1. It's so funny how different personalities react to the same situation. What a great picture of your children's personalities!