Friday, November 11, 2011

My Haunted House

by My Mom after our visit

I don't want to wipe off the high chair tray.
I'll leave it go for just one more day.
Maybe that way Allie's face will stay
In my mind, with her toothy grin.

The plants to their regular stand repair.
No more blockade of basement door or stair.
No aroma of diapers to raise one's hair
Or show how full our home has been.

No toy cars to step on in the morn.
Coloring books the table no longer adorn.
The floor's swept clear of cereal and corn.
Every step on a crumb said, "Grandma, I love you."

Swimming laps is too quiet and boring now.
Where is my little man and his pal Kachow?
Does he like the farm because beef comes from a cow?
Reading books without Scott's help isn't as fun to do.

Silly giggles and hugs are Cara's cadeaux.
Absently calling ME "Mom" makes my heart glow.
Malicious butterflies should be avoided, as you well know.
There's no need to fear; Underdog is here!

The kids dressed up snazzy for church on Sunday--
Taking a walk or going out in the dirt to play--
A beautiful song, verse, or poem to say--
These missing things make my day too severe.

I'm glad Andy on the phone makes Hannah happy still.
Please take home an old movie and our extra dill.
(Now a dishwasher load takes two days to fill!)
Communion over chocolate and movies will keep

Till the kids are in bed, if I can stay awake.
I tried very hard for my dear daughter's sake.
Except for these memories, my clean house makes me ache.
The blessings of family take a lifetime to reap.

***Editor's Note:  What a great remembrance of our trip!  So many of these details could be changed by next year!  Maybe they'll be cleaner and not into cars and no longer scared of butterflies.  Well, at least Mom can count on me...blessings from chocolate are much more immediate.


  1. I have tried to post this three times so if it come up again, and again, please forgive me. Our son has lived with us for over a year following his divorce. There are a lot of times I am SO ready for him to move out. And then I remember I wouldn't be able to see my 5 precious grandchildren every other week-end and every Tuesday night in the summer -- messes, fingerprints and all. Grandchildren are a gift from God and I am thankful I live close enough to be with them quite often!

  2. Grandmas are a blessing from the Lord. Oh, how I'm grateful for my grandmas . . . and for the blessed grandma that the Lord has blessed my children with! (Hope that's not too sappy for you!)