Monday, November 7, 2011

Gossip From the Home Front

My home town is very interesting.  It's kind of a real life, German version of Mayberry.  It's neat and quaint and full of exciting tales that run through the barber shop, then the local paper, often in that order.

Here's an interesting tidbit I heard about while I was visiting.  This was actually in the paper.  A man had been arrested on suspicion of breaking into the local pharmacy.  Apparently, before he could even get to the pharmacy, several trusted citizens called the police to report him as suspicious.  The reason, you ask?  He was wearing a hoodie.  (giggle, giggle...seriously!)  Yes, what would here in Cincinnati probably be called fashion profiling was praised in my home town by the local police chief.  Can you imagine?  My husband wears hoodies all the time when the weather gets cold...I better purge his wardrobe before his next visit.  Wouldn't want him being arrested on suspicion of stealing from an antique shop or anything...


  1. Uh, oh . . . my nine year old, five year old, and one year old might be in big trouble up there!

  2. Quite funny! Didn't know there were people left in this world who DON'T wear hoodies. :)