Monday, November 21, 2011

Shocking New Holiday Exercise Routine

Avoid weight gain during this holiday season by following our fool-proof exercise plan.  Doing this 40 minute work-out, 5-7 days a week, you can drop those pesky pounds! (Adapted from a real magazine to fit the REAL Mommy lifestyle!)

Here's the Plan:  You'll alternate between high- and low-intensity exercise;
research has shown that this combo is an effective way to burn fat.

Total time: 40 minutes

4 Minutes: Start at a light pace; pumping your arms at your sides, to warm up.

2 Minutes: Stop walking to pick up puzzle pieces you are stepping on.

2 Minutes: Walk at a moderate pace.

1 Minute: Chase your toddler into the other room and retrieve the sharp object    
from his or her hand.

1 Minute: Make another child stop whining with the threat of cleaning her room.

3 Minutes: Walk at a moderate pace.

1 Minute: Pick up your 26 pounder after she falls and gets another bruise.

1 Minute: Run into the kitchen and turn off the burner under the boiling-over

3 Minutes: Walk at a moderate pace.

2 Minutes: Walk as fast as you can while digging under piles of stuff to try to
find the phone before it stops ringing.

3 Minutes: Walk at a moderate pace while talking on the phone.

2 Minutes: Drag a chair over to the kitchen and repeatedly climb on it to keep
turning off the smoke detector.

3 Minutes: Walk at a normal pace while swinging a towel near the smoke detector.

2 Minutes: Walk as fast as you can without tripping on the toys strewn all over
the floor.

3 Minutes: Run excitedly around the house to figure out where and why the
toddler screaming is happening

2 Minutes: Discipline. (this really gets your heart rate up)

5 Minutes: Slow your stride, taking longer steps and relaxing your upper body.

Cool Down: Make your children pick up toys while you supervise under threat of
more heart raising activity (ie disciplining)

If you follow this fool proof routine 5-7 days a week, you could get the same
results I have---gaining 5 more pounds over the next year.  (I need a new
fitness routine!)


  1. Love it! My routine has evolved some over the years. Mine includes running after a crazy little dog when he steals socks (preferably very dirty ones!!) and running teenagers who don't yet drive all over the place. Feel the burn, girlfriend:-)

  2. Funny Hannah! My little sister said her favorite yoga move is, "Hold the newborn in your left arm, while holding your toddler by his foot in your right. It's quite the balancing act!" My routine has also evolved over the years. Now, I do yoga 4-5 days a week (or at least that's always my goal, sometimes it's 3 and some weeks it's 6 days). I've found that cardio routines cause me to want to eat more. Power yoga, even though it's high cardio while you're doing it (meaning, halfway through I can barely breathe :)) because you pause throughout the workout to catch your breath, I keeps your heart from racing too fast for too long. Even though this keeps my body incredibly sculpted and lean (even more so than when I was running marathons and 1/2 marathons) I find it far more enjoyable than cardio routines. I work out from home to the same DVD I've used for over 6 years: Yoga for Athletes. Anyhow, just thought I'd give another suggestion for those who want to scuplt and lean but not necessarily do high cardio.

  3. Very funny. Lately, this kind of routine is the only one that gets done at my house! I even walked in place today while administering a spelling test - a whole new level of "mommy-robics" for me!