Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Word of the Week

Yes, now I am again on a roll with the Word of the Week thing.  Like I said, all I needed was a quick burst of writing enthusiasm!  Am I the only blogger who writes this way?

All blogging questions aside, we have a new word for your mastery and use this week.  As always, try to work it into your week!

Octogenarian:  of the age of 80 years; between 80 and 90 years old.

Phew!  Aren't you glad it applies to the whole decade?  Can you imagine the difficulty trying to be accurate with this word if it only applied to someone who was exactly 80?  Well, I guess you can always fall back on sarcasm and word color to get your usage in...not that I advocate that...

Here are my sample sentences for the week!

The child gave her great grandma a hug and said her birthday wishes thus, "Hooray, Grandma!  Now you're an octogenarian just like Grandpa!"  (I'm going to start training my little ones soon so they'll be ready when the year comes!  There's nothing like teaching your four year old six syllable words to impress for a birthday.)

The unflattering shape of the empire dress, combined with the horrifying pea-green polyester print, made Marcia feel as though she were wearing a octogenarian maternity fashion. (EEK!  Bad visuals!)

How about you?  Got a sentence today?


  1. I can truly wait to become an octogenarian!

  2. The couple reveled in their octogenarian years. The many decades they shared wove a tapestry that bound them together with love and respect.