Thursday, February 16, 2012

...and she strikes again...

Hurricane Allison is back, after a short time being naughty-free.  Apparently the beginning of my morning sickness was the opportunity she was looking for!  In fact, just a few days ago, this is what happened...

It was early in the morning, I was nauseated, there were doughnuts.  Although I could not keep a doughnut down without consequences, my loving children were more than happy to oblige me with an easy breakfast.  After supervising the picking of their doughnuts, the older children were fine.  They wolfed them down, gulped their milk, and were off to play some sort of car/castle/lego game.  The Hurricane got up later.

I fed her one Entenmann's Devil's Food Chocolate frosted doughnut, which are the delight of my husband's soul.

She like the others, crammed it in successfully, needing no Mommy supervision.  When she was done, I took her out of her chair and brushed her off.  As I was having a new wave of pretty intense nausea, the last thing I wanted to do was enter the kitchen and be confronted with its evil smells, so I pushed in all the chairs to the dining room table and collapsed in the rocking chair until I could get things under control.  That was my big mistake.

A few minutes later, Cara chimed out, "MOOOMMMMM!  Look at Allie!!!".  Ruh-roh.

I came into the room just in time to see my sweet little one spot me and feverishly shove the rest of a devil's food chocolate frosted doughnut into her mouth.

She smiled a brown-toothed grin at me as I grabbed the now half empty box from her frosted paws.  Indeed, my sweet little one had inhaled three and a half of these very adult sized doughnuts in a matter of three minutes.  Well, now I know that she can pull dining room chairs out and climb up on the table.  And I also know that no matter how sick I feel, I need to fear the quietness...never a good thing...

This began a fire storm of mischief, some cute, some horrifying.  I have to say, though, she was unusually perky and talkative for the first hour or so after eating half a box of Entenmann's.  I don't think she's ever had that much sugar in a week's time before!  Her little round cheeks were in a permanent grin for quite some time.

Unfortunately, her Daddy's were not.  I had to break the news to him; he's still heartbroken.  Those wonderful doughnuts were a solace in an otherwise sparse land of yummy eating these days.  Luckily my Dad had just brought him some cream filled long johns and other miscellaneous doughnuts the day before.

And as for the next day, I only have two do the math.

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  1. Oh, my! And Entenmann's cost a fortune. She has very good taste.