Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Relate to this Christmas Painting...

From the safety of February, it's sometimes fun to reflect on the Christmas season you just passed. There's a lot of sentimentality and lovey-dovey feelings about Christmas.  I love that.  Really, I do...but sometimes Christmas feels more like this...

"In the Kitchen preparations for Christmas Eve dinner in a Paris Restaurant" by  G. Marchetti
I know that feeling of chaos...minus the lobster, of course.  Also, my sous chefs are a lot smaller and a little less skilled, and they talk way more about cars and princesses.

They probably eat a lot more when the chef's not looking, too...or at least the not-so-subtle dusting of powdered sugar across my son's face makes me think so.

Here's to a painting for the year-round entertainer!

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  1. I have to say, this painting makes me feel stressed just looking at it. I am not a big fan of having "sous chefs" at my elbow regardless of their size or skill level. Oh, I can feel my stress levels rising now, just thinking about it.