Monday, September 19, 2011

The Young Man's Vanity...

Last night, I sat down at the table with the children to do their 'quiet-timers'--their devotional books.  After reading the verse, there was a short paraphrase, followed by the instructions for the activity.  The kids were supposed to draw a picture of something they praise God for.

My daughter began meticulously drawing and coloring a Bible, complete with bookmark and cross on the cover.  She colored it purple, because that's one of her favorite colors.

My son began hastily drawing what looked like a person.  Being a spiritually minded person, I asked him sweetly, "Is that Jesus?".

He honked out a no matter-of-factly.

Who could it be that he would praise God for most?  Could it be me, his hard-working, loving mother?  I began to swell with motherly pride in anticipation of the coming compliment.  Then I asked him who he was drawing.

He looked at me as if the answer were obvious.

"That's me."


I don't know where he gets that vanity from.