Friday, September 2, 2011

Andy, Just for you...

Tomorrow is a big day in my hubby's life.  It marks the official start of the fall season for our family...and it's the start of  his other true love.  From this point on, for the next few months, we'll have more than just two guys in the house.  We'll have Andy and Scott, as well as a whole troop of runners, passers, and my personal favorites, the Beefie guys.  This is for you, honey, even though it could isolate some of my Big Ten readers!

Love you, and happy football season.


  1. Can a Ohio State family read a blog from a loyal Michigan family??????

  2. Maybe you guys have a shot now that Tressel is gone!!!!!

    ~ Brian (A loyal Ohio State man)

  3. Yeah, it's been a hard few years for us honest teams...