Friday, September 16, 2011

Twenty Minutes To Myself

I needed twenty minutes to myself
   to unwind from the long day.

I thought, "I'll take a bubble bath
   while Daddy and babies play."

I was eager and excited to unwind.
   Daddy understood; he didn't mind.

I closed the door to soak my bones
   The next thing I know, I'm hearing moans.

Outside the door, little girly thing
   Had discovered Mommy's lonely fling.

My much needed immersion
   Was to her, utter desertion.

I avoided chubby fingers 'neath the door in despair,
   I ignored her, turned away, and I washed my hair.

A minute later visits my little guy
   To tell me he heard the baby cry.

Next was my oldest, full of children's news.
   Ten minutes in, I still had the blues.

Four visits later, I still heard cries
   And knocks on the door and handle tries.

She busted in, fat cheeks in a smile
  To come and splash her Mom a while.

Babies never want to be with Mommy more,
  Than when she tries to close the bathroom door.



  1. This was great!! You are so talented and your blog!!

  2. I absolutely love this! Sharing it on my Facebook page! :)

  3. Boy it sure would be funny if one of the kids barged in and went to the bathroom!!!!!!

    ~ Brian