Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm an Addict

I have to confess.  It's true.  I'm an addict.  Those of you who know me are jumping to the conclusion that I'm about to expound on the wonders of the world of chocolate, but, alas, it's not chocolate that I'm 'fessing up to this time.  I am a puzzle addict.  My hubby bought me a new puzzle book last night, and I can't help but think about where to begin the cross sums, how difficult the crosswords will be, will I have to use probabilities to solve that sudoku?  Sigh...the wonderful world of brain teasers.  It's time to curl up, block out the kid noise, sharpen my pencil, and dive in.  It's a head-scratching, rainy day.


  1. I did immediately jump to the conclusion that you were talking about chocolate!!!

    Chocolate and puzzles on a rainy day, what a great combination.

  2. i'm not into puzzles! That's amazing. You are not weird to have a favorite stitch! Half double just looks the best. :)

  3. Hannah! Hello ~ thank you for visiting my site and for commenting. I really enjoyed perusing through yours, and look forward to seeing your new posts!! Much love ~ alice

    I would have to agree with Lindy....not a puzzle addict...chocolate, YES...puzzles, no. I think I would prefer puzzles...fewer calories!! :>)