Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Womanly Word of the Week

Did you know that there is a specific word for worshipping your wife?  There is, it's...

gyneolatry: noun; the worship of women.

What smart man would practice this art?  How about these sentences...

The tenderness and heroism of his own mother left Herman with a deep sense of gyneolatry.


Clarise sighed for the olden days of chivalry and gyneolatry; her jockish belcher had none of the finesse and refinement of a Mr. Darcy.


  1. I wish that my children had a deep gyneolatic urge when they thought of their mother.

  2. Wow ~ wish I would of known this word when taking my Women's Studies classes ~ would have come in handy for writing papers. Instead I used the word "gynocentric".....vs "phallocentric"...so is the antithesis phalloeolotry...? He He :>)

  3. Oops, spelled that wrong...phalleolatry!! I am actually still amazed that I have never seen this word ~ you would think from reading hundreds of feminist literature from top scholars they would have mentioned it.....see, universities are bogus!! :>)