Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Word of the Week

Want to know a word to make me chuckle?  It's the silly little word...

truckle: verb;to submit or yield obsequiously or tamely (usually followed by to )

I have many things I regularly truckle to, mostly chocolate related.  However, I prefer to dash into the world of make-believe for my vocabulary sentences...makes them a little more exciting.

The conceited Arnold was certain that his bronzed biceps would cause any woman to truckle to his every whim.

The old lady stood there stiffly, clutching her purse while telling herself not to truckle to her urge for vengeance.  Unable to squelch her emotions, Helga burst through the door, pulled out the pistol and burgled every burger from her enemy's meat case.

Hmmm...that sounds like an exciting story.  I'll have to think up some more installments for that one...couldn't even keep it to one sentence.


  1. "Truckle" also sounds like "treacle" which makes me think of Jane Austen and Harry Potter and all books British. I think I'm hungry now.

  2. One little crunch from the leaves covering her lawn and the urge to truckle to all things apple and pumpkin carried her away to the not so distant fall that was barreling down through the last few days of summer.