Friday, August 12, 2011

A try at limericks...

Have you ever tried writing limericks?  I mean, since you left junior high?  It's easy and fun...try some about your own family!  Here are for each of my kids. 

We named our first baby girl Cara.
She loves to decorate her haira
With ribbons and clips,
then gloss on her lips.
Of primping she'll never despaira.

My little old man's name is Scott.
Girlie he really is not.
He plays cars and baseball
In all rooms and the hall,
And eats ten times more than a lot.

The sweet little one goes by Allie.
She think everyone is her pallie.
She giggles and sighs,
Has two massive thighs,
What a cheerful, chubby little gallie.

1 comment:

  1. My sweet love is Brian,
    He sets my soul a sighin.
    What a great catch,
    He is my perfect match.
    Without him, days would be tryin.