Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's in a Name?

We call our baby 'Moon Pie'.  It was my hubby's idea, and as usual, his remarkable intellect came through for us.  It's a cute name, with all manner of fun variations...Moonie, Moonbeam, Moonblossom, Moonshine, the Moonster, Turbo cheeks... (well, that's not in with the theme, but does fit in well with her look.)

The real genius, however, is in the sheer descriptiveness of it, for our baby is very like a Moon Pie.  She is sweet and round and squishy.  Her thighs do have a marshmallowy spring to them.  She is often covered in banana or chocolate.  It's a beautiful comparison for a very beautiful little lady.

image via Wikipedia


  1. just want to eat her up, since she's so cute!

  2. It's funny that our favoite pet names have to do with food and chocolate . . . Honey, Sweetie, Sweetie Pie, Sweet Pea, Peanut . . . I think Moon Pie is really the best yet!