Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Word of the Week, Small Version

Isn't it interesting how the English language has so many descriptive synonyms.  Take the word 'small'.  There are so many ways to say it!  Why use only one syllable when you could use four...

Try out these synonyms:

Lilliputian, diminutive, exiguous, tenuous

Clarisse stood in horror as she saw her new boyfriend trying to exercise his exiguous intellect during the Jeopardy rerun; he could not question even one answer correctly.

The young, attractive mother gazed across the room in panic as even more Lilliputian children swarmed in for her daughter's impromptu birthday party.

Your turn!


  1. She shattered his gargantuan ego with her diminutive turn of phrase. While she thought it would make her feel better, she immediately regretted her cutting remark!

  2. There are minute, wee, petite, and micro. So many ways to be small with a big splash