Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Word of the Week, Man Phrase Edition 2

Now, my faithful readers will know of my endless pursuit of informational excellence.  In the interest of furthur informing you girls, here is another Man Phrase entry.  It's so manly, in fact, that my hubby just informed me that one of the ESPN Sportcenter anchors was the creator of this original phrase...

"boo-yah!": an exclamation used by men meaning, "I'm amazing!" or "he's amazing!"  or "In your face!"

This particular phrase is more frequent during college football season around here.  It's usually accompanied by some type of hand movement, such as air boxing, jabs, or chest beating.  When used while watching a game, it is preceded by a sudden jump out of the chair after a positive play.

Here are a few ways we women can incorporate this colorful phrase:

After completing the final stitch in the bouquet embroidered pillow case, Esther smoothed the cloth, examined the finished product, delicately placed her needle to the side, then exclaimed, "BOO-YAH!".

Extreme couponer Yvette had done it again; she 'bought' 373 toothbrushes for only 77 cents, then punctuated her pillage with her signature 'Boo-yah!' of victory.

****Editor's Note:  In some instances, men may not appreciate if you use this phrase directly to them.  In the interest of your marriage, don't use the phrase thus:

"So I was right!  Mr. is in  Rocky III.  Boo-yah!"

Instead, with a smile, try using it in this way:

"You always remember to pick up your stinky socks.  Boo-yah!  You're so wonderful!"

Let me know any boo-yah success stories!


  1. My personal opinion is that "Boo-yah" should only be used by men. It reeks of testosterone!
    Isn't that an expression used by the military too? I'm thinking Marines, but I could be wrong.

  2. "Oh honey, I am so proud of your three boys. They learned such good manners that they cleaned up after themselves this afternoon. They are just like you . . . BOO-YAH!!!!!"

  3. In a house full of boys/men, it is very helpful to be able to speak a little "man-speak" . . . ha, ha!

  4. Actual usage of term "Boo-Yah" from my nine year old:

    "Boo-yah, a whole bunch of chocolate cookies!!!", exclaimed big brother as he pulled out a handful of cookies.

    Ok, I'm aware that this is my third comment on this post, but this really just happened, and I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I just love to comment!