Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Word of the Week...across the Pond edition 1

I just located a smashing online dictionary of British English which is full of all manner of brilliant phrases and words.  After I really master this dictionary, I plan to judge some sort of talent competition...must be the thing these days.

bingo bango bongo: n that’s that; done.

I guess this phrase was popularized by some British TV chef or other when he'd pull something out of the oven.   Let's try it on for size...

"If you'd just begin picking up toys in there, before you knew it it'd be bingo bango bongo!"


After Heinrich's rude belching routine, Delores brought the blind date to a complete bingo bango bongo.

Hmmm...having a hard time with this phrase.  Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...er...keyboard.  I'd better try to get the hang of a different one.


  1. After a long, tedious night in the studio, the artist exclaimed with a start, "Bingo bango bongo!"

  2. My hubby was very impressed with my timing on this British post. It seems the British Open just finished. Too bad I can't take credit since I had no idea. To tell you the truth, I'm not even positive which sport it is! Golf, maybe?

  3. Yes, Hannah, the British Open Golf Tournament is bingo, bango, bongo!! Just don't ask me who won, I don't know.

    My husband is a basketball fan. One of the announcers, Dick Vitale uses phrases like this when he gets excited. Maybe he could commentate on golf across the pond?? Nah, he's too loud and excitable :-)

  4. Shows how much I know about sports, I was going to say that the British Open was tennis!!!! Ha, ha, ha.

    On a sports side note, I did watch the Women's World Cup Sunday afternoon. But then again, it's soccer (futball), and that's just cool!

    We watched part of the Iron Man too. Very amazing stuff.