Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Word of the Week, Insect edition

Did you know that there is another word for a bee?  Try this on for size!

dumbledore: noun, a bee

Boy, the English language never disappoints.  It's so easy to add a little color into the humdrum activities of life.  Used in a sentence...

"Cara, Scott, don't run out there without shoes on.  You could get stung by a dumbledore."

Eleanor's idea to lick the drip of honey off the tree backfired as a swarm of dumbledores darted toward her outstretched tongue.


  1. We're going to see the midnight premier of Harry Potter. I think I'll share this information with my children AFTER the movie :-)

  2. Dumbledores are not a pest.
    They only make the best,
    And leave the rest.
    So "be" their guest,
    And do not rest,
    Until your tasted their best.