Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Charming Bully

My little sweetheart is a one-year-old bully.  The thing is, she's so sweet about her thievery that even other small children don't mind.  Here's a typical example:

My babysitting guy, Noah is sitting on the floor, contentedly sipping his bottle.  The bandito approaches.  She crawls over happily giggling the whole way.  Noah spots her coming and watches.  She maneuvers into a sitting position right next to him and smiles.  Sometimes she talks.  "Da da dee da ma ma!", and smiles again.  He can't help but smile back.  The bottle comes out so he can respond with a smile or two year old phrase, "Da Caaarrrr!".  Here's where her deftness comes in...she smiles, she giggles, she gently pulls the bottle from his hand.  In about two seconds' time she inserts the bottle and drains it.  Then she laughs again and leaves.  The poor guy is left alone, milkless, wondering what hit him.  But, for some reason, with him and other children, it never occurs to them to protest.  She's just so sweet about it all, giving due attention and smiles to the victim, somehow they don't seem to mind.  She's the most charming bully you'll ever meet.


  1. Wait until she's dating age!! It could get interesting.

    How are things coming with your decision to move or stay put?

  2. My bully was charming only as long as he enjoyed it. He played and laughed, then left them crying. Not the same experience at all!

  3. Hannah, I enjoyed this story! And oh! your blog's border is charming...

  4. What a funny baby. She's a charmer, for sure!