Monday, July 25, 2011

A Glimpse of Motherhood

****Editor's note:  Here's something I wrote to a friend one year ago when Allison was still a newborn.  Are all Moms like this or is it just me?

Last night, as I looked in the mirror, I had that secret feeling of joy that women get when they feel kind of pretty.  Those feelings are few and far between these days.  My clothes don't fit quite right, I have 3.8 minutes to do hair and makeup before running out the door, or I might have gotten only four hours of sleep the night before.  But as I looked in the mirror, my coral top and denim skirt fit well and hid my Mommy bulges, my hair was strangely calm for a Sunday evening, and I had almost seven hours of sleep the night before.  The feeling of sweet feminine contentment was not to last, however.

As I rounded the corner into the living room, I noticed the downpour that was to take out my happy hairdo.  Rats!

As I opened the car door, I noticed the open window that was to make me look like I wet my pants, or skirt rather, for the rest of the evening.  Double rats!

After choir practice and church music, I got Allison for her feeding, and not long after noticed that uncomfortable, gassy look that usually means...ah yes...there it is...half a feeding worth right in the middle of the lovely coral neckline.

After the next half of the feeding, I fared a little better, and she only soiled a discreet two inches on my right side.  Phew!

After walking into the church hallway, Leah pointed out the lovely mustard yellow on the mid belly of both Allison and me.  "Where's my diaper bag again?"

After turning her around to prevent any more stainage, she really let the water works go and wet through the rest of what was already a disturbing diaper, spilling guessed it...the rest of the coral shirt and the skirt below. 

After changing her outfit, I noticed how clean and lovely she looked and how wet even my initial mishap still was.

Here I was, wet hair, wet backside, puky neckline, puky right side, mustard yellow neckline, and urine- soaked abdomen.  Here is the real Mommy moment.  It didn't even occur to me to shrink away in embarrasment and hide for the rest of the service.  I calmly wiped up as best as I could, said "Oh well", and re-entered the service, happy my baby was clean and fed and happy.  Motherhood leaves no room for personal pride!  I would have been mortified by just the hair five years ago!


  1. Ahhh, motherhood. It takes us, changes us, and makes us care more for others than for ourselves. I do believe that is the greatness of motherhood at work!

  2. I remember the communion stain down the front of my white blouse--at least I took her to church and participated in the service. There is something special about these horrors that is difficult to explain. You did well!!!