Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pwaying Wegos With Allie

After thirty minutes of pain-staking labor, the creator finished her masterpiece.  Forty pillars of yellow, one-piece bricks encompassed the green lego floor below.  She had added a kitchen at the last minute, complete with white cocktail umbrella over the stern gray sink.  It was time for the lego ladies to make their entrance.   The three friends traipsed the span of the trunk below with short hops one at a time.  Then they began their riveting conversation skills.

Friend #1:  "Hi.  How do I wook today?"

Friend #2:  "You wook 'tastic!  How do I wook today?"

Friend #3:  "You wook so boo-ful.  I'm boo-ful, too."

Friend #1:  "I wike your boo-ful bwack hair."

Friend #3: "Thanks!  I wike your boo-ful yewoah hair, too."

Friend #2:  "I have dis pwetty bwack shirt on today.  Do you wike it, too?"

Friend #1: "Oh yes, it is so pwetty.  NOW GET TO WORK!!!!!"  (Apparently Friend #1 is the Mom.)

They all hopped in sync to the cocktail umbrella kitchen where they continued talking about all manner of 'dewicious' things to eat for a full ten minutes thereafter.  However, I regret to say that someone's cooking was not appreciated as it should be.  A few minutes ago the friends had a huge altercation, whereupon someone smashed the boo-ful kitchen to bits.

It just goes to show that beauty is only skin deep; cooking ability, however, is a power that lasts and binds friendships together.

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