Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When It Clicks...

I have to say, there are many exciting 'aha!' moments in homeschooling.   One of the best parts of teaching your children is that you see and can appreciate every step of their learning.  Cara is now starting her last quarter of first grade, and Scott is in his last quarter of kindergarten.  We've come to a new stage in reading.

For the last month or so, Cara has begun reading chapter books independently.  She has devoured twelve American Girl books, two Ramona books, Heidi (abridged), Treasure Island (abridged), the first of the Boxcar Children books, and five or six other miscellaneous chapter books.  She'll read through an entire book per day.  I'm astonished!  She can actually tell me intricate details of the plots.  It seems like this stage has come out of nowhere.  Suddenly she can read anything.  I have to say, this has brought back so many memories of the books I read during elementary.  It has also had the added bonus of fewer toys laying around the house for me to trip on.  With all that reading, she has hardly played with toys lately.

And as for Scott, yesterday during quiet time, he came out of the room and blurted out to me, "Mom!  Can you believe that the New York Yankees bought Babe Ruth for the astounding amount of $125,000?".  Yeah, he's doing great, too.


  1. READING IS THE BEST! And random baseball facts are also quite important.

  2. Those moments are priceless! Yeah! Celebrate with some chocolate. =)