Monday, March 25, 2013

Not Helping

I recently read an article that piqued my interest.  I've been turning into quite the hot tea enthusiast this year.  For some reason it just sounds good.

You know how they say that you crave foods that are full of vitamins and minerals you need?  Yes, well, this definitely came to mind when the article I read spoke of the many health benefits of tea.  Apparently it helps lower your blood pressure and sharpen mental acuity.

Let me just say, trying to homeschool with four children is not a blood pressure lowering occupation.  In fact, there have been many days when I've been questioning my 'career choices'.  Also, the more children you have the less mental sharpness you have...or is it temporary?  I'm not exactly sure.  These days I'm just happy if I can make it successfully through two or three simple sentence when I'm speaking to someone.  Anyway, apparently I'm very deficient in these areas, hence the craving of tea!

My only question now is, why isn't it working?  Rats.  Maybe it's just coincidence.  Or maybe I just like to warm up when it's cold outside.  Who knows.  But by all means, readers, if you see a sudden improvement in my sentence complexity, let me know.  It must be the tea.  Yes, this has been another insightful health article, brought to you by the genius editor of your beloved Crazy Creative Magazine.


  1. Perhaps if you followed the tea with a chocolate chaser?? :-)

  2. Chocolate is also good for health, right? The combination might just cure it all. Great idea, Linda! :)

  3. Speaking of tea, I finally tried Lady Grey and loved it! Thanks for the suggestion!