Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today we were at the hospital waiting for Andy to be hooked up for his surgery.  His Mom and Dad were there with us in the waiting room, while my parents were roughing it with the three children.  Of course baby Megan was not yet born, and she was making my life all the more wonderful with morning sickness.

I remember the anesthesiologist chatting with the nurse about his five boys after they found out how many kids we had.  He was big and burly and anything but delicate looking.  It seemed so odd that he worked with needles and thin little vials of medicine.  

We watched ESPN while they did all Andy's blood work and paper work.  Seeing them bag up his clothes and struggle on with the leg compression stockings made it seem so real somehow.

We waited; his parents came in.

We said goodbye.

They wheeled him through the double doors, conscious (it takes a lot to knock him out).

The next time I saw him was that night in recovery.  The first thing he said was "I missed you."

This morning he's been wrestling with the kids, laying on the couch, and he successfully put on his own socks.  It took a long time of pain and healing, but it was so worth it!

Thank you Dr. Bohinski for your skill and dedication, and thank you, Lord, for making my husband able to walk and bend and play with the kids again.

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