Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Pa, Not A Tall Tale

My Pa is so full of interest and charm,
He recently tried to cut off one arm.

His mind is with humor and oddity hung,
and you barely notice he's missing one lung.

We all see his personality from afar,
except that one guy who hit him with his car.

As a young man  they thought him quite weird,
for the simple fact that he was wearing a beard.

He has been known to come home with a monkey,
his dirty socks are incredibly funky.

One important fact is striking this morning,
I'd better be sure to issue a warning.

Any time Pa makes a sandwich of onion,
all, young and old, had better get run-ion.

Yes, I know it's Valentine's Day and this is perfectly unromantic of me to post this.  My Pa is coming for a quick visit today, though, and I just couldn't resist.  Besides, my Mom will read this and get to think of all his charms while she's celebrating her Valentine's Day at home without him today.