Friday, July 27, 2012

My Little Pumpkin

I got my weekly email yesterday.  You know, the one from that marks your pregnancy week by week.  In fact, even for those of you who are slightly detached from the pregnancy process, you probably are friends with someone on Facebook who posts hers with regularity for the world to see.  I'm now officially two months from my due date.

My baby is the weight of four large navel oranges.  That's real progress.

In the last month, we've moved up in the world from a head of cauliflower, to some type of squash or other, to the multiple oranges.

My question is this...why all the produce references?  Is it suppose to inspire me to eat more healthfully despite the constant cravings for potato chips and fudge?  Are the publishers condescending enough to assume that a food reference will always magically click?  Are they possibly struggling with covert cannibalism?

My beef is this (ha, ha)...if you're going to constantly weigh your baby with food references, why not hit on things pregnant women want to think about and can really relate to?

"Congratulations!  You are 12 weeks along.  Your baby is the size of a Hershey's kiss..."

"Your baby has now achieved the weight of a single serving bag of M and M's..."

"This week baby is the length of a King size Reese's..."

"Hooray for you!  Baby is growing rapidly and will soon be as large as a Family size bag of Late Night Tacos at Midnight Doritos..."

Now THAT would make for some interesting Facebook reading.  Besides, it would be a more realistic representation of what pregnant women are really feeling.  If we have to force ourselves to eat spinach when we really want Extreme Moosetracks, do you have to constantly rub it in?

And just so you know, according to my personal measuring methods, my baby is now roughly the size of one Russell Stover Assorted sampler box plus two small Whitman's sampler tins.  <<sigh>>  Leave me alone to dream now, just for a moment.


  1. I think I'm having sympathy cravings...

  2. The only thing I'm craving now is another baby. Thanks Hannah!
    I thought all of the fruit references were weird too. And mean since I was diabetic and couldn't eat fruit either.
    Maybe they hope that our diminished pregnancy brains will give us some weird version of 'shiny ball syndrome'. Oranges? Who has oranges? I don't have any oranges! Give me yours, I need one! It's so pretty! Maybe there is something to that. The mere metion of Arby's and I was suddenly in a life or death situation if it didn't magically appear in my mouth.

    1. Well...that's pretty fast! Give baby a chance to grow up a little. :)

  3. Oranges made me throw up when pregnant. Chocolate made me happy. Chocolate still makes me happy. Excuse me while I join you . . . .
    D-R-E-A-M . . . . . ..

  4. This post is hilarious! I have a friend who took a picture of the appropriate fruit by her belly for each stage of belly growth. Maybe that's what you're supposed to do. If you bought the chocolate for each picture, it would never make it home in time to pose beside the belly bump!

    1. Are you saying I have no self control? You know me too well. :)

  5. I had never heard of this, but it's nice to think of baby as a Russell Stover's assortment. Could we make that carmel creams?? :)