Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Warning Signs You Might Be An Extreme Couponer...

By now most people have heard about some of the wild shopping/saving techniques of the self-proclaimed 'extreme couponers'.  You may have watched the show...you may have even been on the show.  Although I do consider myself an extreme cheapie when it comes to grocery shopping, I don't think I've quite stepped over into the abyss.  Here's my method of determining one's level of couponing extremity.  If more than three of these warning signs describes you...call TLC immediately to set up a shoot for their show!

1. You call your pantry a stockpile.

2. You insure your stockpile.

3. You call your grocery shopping trip a 'haul'.

4. You've had to install more than one shelving unit to store your stockpile.

5.  Your bedroom (under the bed, in the closet...anywhere) has either toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo or cereal stored in it.

6. You consider leaving the store with Ramen noodles, flavored water, toothpaste and toothbrushes a great shopping trip.

7. You require assistance to your car and you DON'T have your kids along  or move about via wheelchair.

8.  You know what a line limit is, and you know your store's.

9. You plan on more than two transactions during your checkout--and they're all for you.

10. It takes you more than 10 minutes to check out, even with a competent employee scanning.

11. Your kids are excited when the Sunday paper comes and they keep ads in their rooms.  (Guilty on this one!  Like I said...more than three!)

12. Your kids know what stores in the area double coupons.

13.  You've invested in a paper cutter for reasons other than scrapbooking.

14. You bring either a binder or file box to the grocery store.

15.  You've  been in a dumpster or recycling bin looking for coupons.

16. You measure your toilet paper, not by rolls, but by height.

I'm sure there are many other signs, but these are the few I've picked up from the show.  Now, fess up!  Have any of you readers made it to extremity?

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  1. Great list. Gave me a chuckle. Must say, I'm not even close to making the show!!!